Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Amazing how easy it is to be so jaded. I'm already sick of this schill.

Not one minute after posting this tidbit, I was called by some perky little Obama "local headquarters" kid (name of Ritchie) about attending the big open house tomorrow night at the headquarters.
I said: "Ritchie, surely you too are mortified that Obama supported Bush's wiretapping bill, right?"
He said "well, I'm sure Senator Obama has a whole lot more information on that than I do and I'm sure his reasons are sound. He has his reasons and I'm just going to have to support him on this.
I paraphrase, due to the fact that I wasn't wiretapping him and can't refer to my transcript to quote him exactly on this, but you get the drift.
I told him it was a school night and I'd have to pass. I wonder how long it'll take him to realize school is out?

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