Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The REAL story!

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. released the following statement Wednesday afternoon about his father's comments: "I'm deeply outraged and disappointed in Reverend Jackson's reckless statements about Senator Barack Obama. His divisive and demeaning comments about the presumptive Democratic nominee -- and I believe the next president of the United States -- contradict his inspiring and courageous career."

The statement goes on to say: "Revered Jackson is my dad and I'll always love him. He should know how hard that I've worked for the last year and a half as a national co-chair of Barack Obama's presidential campaign. So, I thoroughly reject and repudiate his ugly rhetoric. He should keep hope alive and any personal attacks and insults to himself."

BTW: you don't cut nuts OUT you cut them OFF! What a shithead!

And this:

"Jackson's claim to have been caught unbeknownst by a "hot mike" slurring and threatening Obama is complete hogwash.

Somewhere, deep down, he wanted the world - and Obama - to know how much he wants to "cut his nuts out."

Veterinarians and doctors talk about cutting nuts "off." Only a thug or a gangster cuts a man's nuts "out."

And Jackson knows better than most the vicious symbolism of castration and its blood-soaked link to lynchings in the Old South."

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