Friday, August 8, 2008

Death truck!

click on the picture to biggify!

Good thing I was paying attention!
If I had been on the phone or tending to my chimichanga I might have been killed by one of the 20 or so of these that came flying off the back of this truck in front of me.
No joke, I didn’t think it was possible to actually be in both lanes and on both shoulders at the same time. You should’ve seen me and the girl in the lane next to me avoiding this stuff while going 65 mph, YEEEHAAAAAAAAW!
Drinks are on me.

To top it off, not 3 miles down the road (having resumed 65 MPH) ALL visibility was reduced to 10 feet by a machine sweeping the dirt off the road by sweeping it into the air. Again, if you really want some excitement, try driving with your eyes closed for 10 seconds in heavy traffic.
Drinks are on me.

AND I almost saw a biker get eaten on Haywood by a late model Pontiac.
Drinks are on him.