Sunday, August 3, 2008

from "what I learned today"

The “What are the Chances My Marriage Will Last?” Equation: Garth Sundem, author of GeekLogic created his own equations to determine 1. What are the Chances My Marriage Will Last? 2. Should We Get Married? and 3. How Many Kids Should we Have?

The “What are the Chances my Marriage Will Last? is based on an 11,000 person study by the CDC that explored factors that help and hurt a marriage’s chances of working.

Here’s the equation:

A= Her age at time of marriage
E=Current combined years of post-high-school education
K= Number of kids from this marriage
R= How religious is the couple (1-10 with 10 being “the Pope”)
D= Combined number of divorces of couple’s parents
P= Combined previous marriages
T= Years at which you are computing the chances
H.E.A. = % chance of Happily Ever After

But don’t worry about calculating it out yourself. Over at Political Calculations, you can type in your personal data and it spits out the probability you and your partner will still be married at a given year of anniversary.


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