Thursday, August 7, 2008

Men More Likely Than Women to Adopt Children

THURSDAY, Aug. 7 (HealthDay News) -- American men ages 18 to 44 are more than twice as likely as women in the same age group to have adopted a child, a new federal report says.

  • Among people who've ever been married, men were more than 2.5 times as likely as women to have adopted -- 3.8 percent vs. 1.4 percent. Overall, 2.3 percent of all men had adopted a child.
  • More than one in four women ages 40 to 44 who had ever used infertility services had adopted a child.
  • Never-married adults ages 18 to 44 were significantly less likely to have adopted a child compared to those who were currently married. About 100,000 never-married women and 73,000 never-married men had adopted a child.
  • Compared with non-Hispanic white women, Hispanic and non-Hispanic black women were more likely to be currently seeking to adopt a child.


drowninmyowntears said...

SURELY this is the only reason:

"The exact reasons why more men adopt than women aren't outlined in the report, but it may be partly due to men getting married and adopting their spouse's children from a previous relationship, the report said..."

What's his names brother. said...

No I think it's due to the fact that gay men love kids and lesbians hate everybody.