Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What the hell is wrong with Ernst Barlach

For the past 25 years it has been my opinion that Ernst Barlach was not only the finest sculptor of the 20th century but possibly one of the finest artists (of any media) of the 20th century.
I mean C'mon, have you seen this guy in action?
Of course there is the obligatory pathetically inadequate Wikipedia page that tells the story of his troubled youth, his fights with Hitler's Nazi's..blah, blah, blah....

"In addition to his sculpture, (insert German artist's name here) also wrote eight Expressionist dramas, two novels and an autobiography (insert German artist's book title here) 1928, and had a distinguished oeuvre of woodcuts and lithographs from about 1910 onwards, including illustrations for his own plays."

Yeah, I exaggerate , but the point is that to really understand Barlach and love him, you have to be able to see his work, for cryin' out loud!

Check this out: Did you see even ONE picture of an Ernst Barlach sculpture on this, the second result from a search for "Ernst Barlach"?

Or this, the third?

What the hell? It has seemed that since the second world war, it has been sufficient to simply TALK about Ernst Barlach!


K├Ąthe Kollwitz! well, La De Da! She' got her own goddamn museum!

"Kathe Kollwitz's imagery is marked by poverty stricken, sickly women who are barely able to care for or nourish their children. Kollwitz's art resounds with compassion as she makes appeals on behalf of the working poor, the suffering and the sick. Her work serves as an indictment of the social conditions in Germany during the late 19th and early 20th century."

Yeah, yeah. Got images? You bet we do!

The only place online where you can experiance more Ernst than Kathe is when looking for books to buy. Of course you can't enjoy more than the cover of those books and they're written in German most of the time.

What happened to make America so jaundiced in it's view of early 20th century art that all we can do now is drone on and on about Picasso, Rodin, and (cough) Calder?

Damn good thing Kathe Kollwitz was an awesome artist, because if she hadn't've been she would be lumped ito the same catagory as .......Dare I say it....Frieda Kahlo.

Christ almighty, no one knows who Barlach is yet Frieda fucking Kahlo get's a movie?
Frieda Kahlo couldn't draw. There, I said it. Frieda Kahlo couldn't draw or paint her way out of a wet paper bag! She did have the good sense to marry well, though.

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