Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Don't you just love it...

... when your email address is on some mailing list, and then all the other people respond to some email, asking to be removed from the mailing list by using "reply to all" - so that instead of just one spam email you get dozens and dozens, and it won't stop? And then people get angrier and angrier and demand to be taken off, only to add their own personal spam. Amazing. It's like a room filled with people with someone shouting something, and then people shout back "Stop shouting!", and they keep shouting. Or maybe in a real-life situation this wouldn't happen - but then what is it that stops people from subjecting themselves to this kind of absurdity in real life, but that somehow doesn't seem to work once things are dealt with online? (Thank goodness for email filters!)

PS: And then as an added bonus, several hours later you get the response messages from servers as email accounts fill up and/or emails can't be delivered.

via: conscientious

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