Tuesday, November 25, 2008

For economy's sake, Pelosi needs to push for impeachment now

"But Congress is running out of time to finally make the Bush administration own up to its actions for eight years. If Congress isn’t careful, the president who already has issued 171 pardons could also pardon every appointee and employee he has ever had – and their dogs. And then Americans will never find out what happened to our country over the past eight years."

For the economy's sake? Screw that! I say she should do it for vengeance, plain and simple.
She won't, though. She's weak and stupid and lazy.
She doesn't have the intestinal fortitude unless she has a mob behind her.
She doesn't have any mob behind her. just a bunch of complicit cowards who are just as guilty as the president.

Stay tuned for a period of healing unlike anything since Nixon's pardon.

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