Friday, November 28, 2008

shamelessly lifted from Bifurcated Rivets

This tool shows you how popular a Google search query is in each U.S. state, giving a ranking like the one you see in the left column. It then compares this ranking with other ways of ranking states, like average income or population density, using Spearman's rank correlation. The middle column shows the results of these comparisons, with the strongest correlations listed first. High numbers (close to 1.0) mean that the rankings "line up" closely, which may indicate a relationship between the search query and the ranking metric. For example, mittens tends to be searched by users who are in northerly states (high latitude) and states with a lot of frost. Low numbers (close to -1.0) indicate a negative relationship -- that is, the rankings are close to being opposites, as in "yoga" and "VotedForBush".

Carolina- most positive: rainfall. Most negative:High school grad.

Bifurcated Rivets

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