Friday, September 11, 2009

This article is full of unasked questions.

I feel that all the cases written about in this article involving predators on Facebook sprang from parents not having a clue as to what their kids were up to.

I know it sounds simple minded but hear me out.

The problem seems to spring from parents not instilling critical thinking skills in their children from day one!
All the accounts in this article seem to point to a climate of lassaiz-faire on the part of the parents, and a climate of unrestrained hedonism on the part of the children.

Children who aren't raised with a critical or , dare I say it, a jaundiced eye about the world they live in become sure victims.

Are we so naive as to believe that one day tens of thousands of predators just showed up at Facebook?
Do we believe that all we have to do is ASK children to send nude pictures of themselves to us and they will all comply? Or that all we have to do is ask kids for money and they will give it to us? The kids who get caught up in phishing expeditions and nekkid photo exchanges are surely the children of parents who believe that it can't happen to them.

More to the point, do we really believe that the internet is a safe place at all for our families?

Brothers and sisters, if you believe there is any safe place for children in this sick sick world, then your children believe it too.

My 7 year old stands a better chance than yours of surviving open season on kids.

ARTICLE:Wake Up Call: Facebook Isn’t A Safe Haven

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