Saturday, October 24, 2009

a japanese response.

from the comments of this article

" Oh yes, please berate our country some more oh, western overlords. We all know that Americans, Europeans, Chinese, Russians, Scandinavians, certainly don't overfish their oceans and live at peace with the undersea inhabitants. (No emoticon with eyes large enough to roll for this one)

When all of you stop fishing, whaling, slaughtering, and cooking life on this planet for yourselves, please feel free to make an arrogant supercilious documentary and I'm sure we'll all file in to listen to your moving sermons.

The only reason the anti-whaling/fishing crowd (Sea Shepard, I'm looking at you) and their ilk continue to reproach Japan is because any other country would call in their navy to lay the smackdown on these hypocritical troublemakers."

Kinda nice to see the Japanese fight back after all this time. Point and game.

BONUS: spot the difference between the two pictures!

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